Flight Safety

All domestic carriers are taking stringent precautions to ensure a safe flight for you. You are requested to cooperate with the authorities to enhance safety for yourself as well as your fellow-travellers.

Sanitised Environment

  • 1. Sanitisation of all aircrafts after every flight and at the end of the day, as per the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) protocol.
  • 2. Use of HEPA filters to filter out particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria.
  • 3. Adequate counters to facilitate easy baggage drop by the passengers.
  • 4. No printed receipts at baggage drop counters. Passengers to receive electronic receipts via SMS.
  • 5. Only digital payment accepted at ticketing and baggage counters.
  • 6.Passengers provided with protection kits (3-layered surgical masks, face shield and sanitizer) near the boarding gates, for use throughout the journey.
  • 7. Temperature screening of passengers at boarding. Symptomatic passengers are not permitted to board the aircraft.
  • 8. Airplane lavatories cleaned/sanitised after every hour during the flight.
  • 9. The buses used for boarding sanitised continuously.

Trained Staff

  • 1. All staff to follow proper hygiene standards, and wear protective gear (masks and gloves) at all times.
  • 2. All staff including the ground staff and crew to undergo regular health checks, and training on various protective/preventive measures.
  • 3. ln case of COVID-19 related medical emergency on board, aircraft disinfection to be carried with special attention to the affected seats.

Safe Practices

  • 1. Boarding commences 60 minutes before departure to allow time for safety processes.
  • 2. Staggered sequential boarding in batches of 10 done to the extent possible.
  • 3. Use of lavatory and non-essential movement in the aisle to be minimised.
  • 4.No queuing allowed at the lavatory. Only one companion allowed for children and the elderly.
  • 4. No meal services or on-board sale of food items to minimize physical contact. Water bottle made available in the galley area or on the seats.
  • 5. Passengers not permitted to consume any eatables inside the aircraft during the flight (except on health grounds).
  • 6. No newspapers/magazines made available in the aircraft.
  • 7. Passengers required to complete web check-in prior to arriving at the airport. Airline to provide passengers with a facility to tele check-in.
  • 8.Self-declaration by passengers during web/ tele check-in required for issuance of boarding pass.