Airport Protocols

Stringent guidelines have been put in place by various airport authorities to ensure optimum safety for all travellers at all times. You are requested to cooperate with the authorities and play your part in enhancing safety for yourself and others.

Sanitised Environment

  • 1. Hand sanitizers made available at multiple locations within the airport.
  • 2. Usage-based sanitisation/disinfection of all passenger touchpoints conducted.
  • 3. Sanitisation of baggage before entry into the terminal and upon arrival.
  • 4. Mats/carpet soaked with bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite solution) placed at the entrance for disinfecting shoes.
  • 5. Clear, transparent glass shields installed as a barrier between the passengers and airport staff at high-traffic touchpoints such as entry gates, check-in counters, security checkpoints etc.

Trained Staff

  • 1. All airport staff provided with hand sanitizers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • 2. For unaccompanied minors and passengers with special needs such as wheelchairs, the handling staff to be in full protection gear with pre-sanitised wheelchairs.

Safe Practices

  • 1. Adequate disembarkation points for vehicles provided to avoid crowding.
  • 2. Use of trolleys minimized/discouraged at the airport.
  • 3. Social distancing markings at a minimum distance of 1 meter and separated seating in the forecourt areas ensured. Select chairs marked ‘Not for Use’ to ensure adequate distancing.
  • 4. Separate areas earmarked for isolation and COVID-19 testing of suspected passengers.
  • 5. Separate entry gates designated for each airline to avoid overcrowding.
  • 6. Proper disposal of all biohazard materials ensured through special bins earmarked for used masks, tissues, gloves etc.
  • 7. No newspapers, magazines or non-essential loose items provided in the terminal building or lounges.

  • Note for Delhi Airport: All commercial flights are currently operating from Terminal 3.
  • Note for Mumbai Airport: All commercial flights are currently operating from Terminal 2.